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2018 Infertility Awareness Week: When Hope Hurts

6 years ago, I made a wedding vow to raise a family and bring my children up in the church. 4 years ago, I ordered a personalized baby onesie to use one day to tell my husband we were pregnant. 3 years ago, I bought a dress to save and wear as a maternity one.… Continue reading 2018 Infertility Awareness Week: When Hope Hurts


The Journey of Infertility

Finding Peace in Imperfection

“Unexplained infertility,” the doctor said. What a frustrating thing to hear as a person who, in general, prefers to have an answer for everything. Unexplained leaves no room for peace and too much room for doubt. My husband and I got married in May 2012 with no specific timeframe to have children, just that we… Continue reading Finding Peace in Imperfection